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Rolf Christian Syvertsen: A Tribute to a Mentor

Every student who passed through Dartmouth Medical School between the years 1923 and 1960 remembers Rolf Syvertsen as a professor of anatomy, an administrator, and, especially, a mentor. But his influence often went beyond anything that can be easily categorized. "His boys" remember his gruff kindness, his far-reaching support, and his quick wit. They remember his classes, his career guidance, and his ever-present attention. Though no single word can express all that Sy did, he was undoubtedly the spirit of the School. It is not only because he served as dean from 1945 till his death in 1960 that this period is often referred to as the "Syvertsen years."

Through the cooperative efforts of Geisel alumni and the Geisel Offices of Publications and Development, a booklet was published in April 2000 to commemorate the influence and life of this special man. We present on these web pages much of that story and we invite you to recall with us the "Syvertsen years" if you are a Geisel alum or friend or to meet Dr. Syvertsen for the first time if you are a visiting browser to our web site. We hope you enjoy your visit.