Thank you 2014 Reunion Classes!

Together with the other classes ended in 4 or 9,

you raised $218,261 in gifts and pledges to support your Medical School.

Final Reunion Class Gift Results

9-18-14 RG update

Reunion Class Giving Statistics

Reunion Giving as of 9/18

Reunion Gift Volunteers

Class of 2010       5th Reunion

Class of 2004       10th Reunion


Class of 1999       15th Reunion 

Chair: Jason Reynolds


Class of 1994          20th Reunion

Chair: Deb Milkowski-California

Members: Kristin Casale, Kim Mooney-McNulty


Class of 1989       25th Reunion

Chair: Jim Hartford

Members: Richard Baker, Carolyn Crosby, David Kramer, Jennifer Mayer, Laura Robertson

Class of 1984        30th Reunion


Class of 1979       35th Reunion

Chair: Vin Pellegrini

Members: Dennis Angellis, Blair Brooks, John Castaldo, Howard Martin, D. Dirk Nelson, Kay Petersen, Nancy Philips

Class of 1974       40th Reunion

Chair: Rhee Fincher

Class of 1969       45th Reunion

Chair: Jim Lawrie


Class of 1964       50th Reunion

Chair: Phil Boulter

Members: Rich Edelson, John McGollicuddy, Tom McInerny, Ernie Weymuller