Thank you 2013 Reunion Classes!

Together with the other classes ended in 3 or 8,

you raised $250,440 in gifts and pledges to support your Medical School. 

FY13 Annual Giving Final  


Class of 1963 50th Reunion

Percent Participation: 74%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $33,291

Class of 1968 45th Reunion

Percent Participation: 59%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $27,451

Class of 1973 40th Reunion 

Percent Participation: 24%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $14,900

Class of 1978 35th Reunion

Percent Participation: 45%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $31,800

Class of 1983 30th Reunion

No graduating class in 1983

Class of 1988 25th Reunion

Percent Participation: 56%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $53,140

Class of 1993 20th Reunion

Percent Participation: 53%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $59,675

Class of 1998 15th Reunion

Percent Participation: 39%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $20,493

Class of 2003 10th Reunion

Percent Participation: 45%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $4,935

Class of 2008 5th Reunion

Percent Participation: 17%

Total dollars raised
(cash and pledges): $580

 Total participation: 43.3%  

We couldn't have done it without our fabulous volunteers! 


Reunion Gift Presenters with Dean Souba

Class of 1963

Alan Rozycki, Chair
Bill Couser
Gene Lariviere

Class of 1993

John Hoy, Chair
Elizabeth Bradley
James Campbell
Michael Golden
Bonnie Henderson
Paul LaFontaine
Granville Lloyd
Kelly MacMillan

Class of 1968

Bob Thurer, Chair
Karen Hein
Bill Kettyle 
William Ramsey

Class of 1998

Liz Kelley, Chair
Mildred Chen

Class of 1978

Diane Dwyer, Chair 
Kate Cook
John Lagnese
Peg Lagnese
Peter Rogol

Class of 2003

Paul Testa, Chair
Seth Crockett
Sharon Johnston
Katie O'Donnell
Junko Ozao-Choy
Tim Pieh
Katie Vadasdi
Amy Vinther
Melissa Woo
Steven Xanthopoulos

Class of 1988

Aris Damianos, Chair
Susan Arceneaux
DeRayne Boykins
Tina Chang
Joan Corsiglia Breen
Bill Gortiski
Maggie Shuhart
Neil Sullivan
MaryAnne Volpe

Class of 2008

Caitlin Stashwick
Ben Northrup
Abby Proffer