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Dear DMS Alumni,

Interested in talking with other alumni about the future of DMS?  Join (or volunteer to lead) a one-time, small group discussion to gather the insights of other alumni about DMS today, its future direction, and also about your alumni experience. 

Coordinated by the leadership of the DMS Alumni Council and the Alumni Relations Office, these discussions can be held as an early morning coffee, a brown-bag lunch, or any format of the host/leader’s choosing.  Several alumni in the same city or institution could work together to invite a small group (four to six people) to meet.  For those of us living in or near large metropolitan areas, there are many DMS alumni whom we might tap to participate in such a discussion. 

Requirements for a session:

  • Session should include at least 4 people; maximum size of group should be small enough for comfortable interchange of all present.
  • Organizer(s) will be provided with a list of alumni in your area or can suggest alumni colleagues for your particular informal gathering.  The alumni office can also assist by sending out the invitation under your name, but rsvps will go directly to the organizer.
  • Organizer(s) will be provided suggested questions for the discussion. Each leader can feel free to tailor the questions for the discussion to suit his or her personal style. 
  • The final requirement is that the organizer provide some form of raw feedback (tape it or send a set of bulleted comments) from your discussion that can be used in the report the alumni relations office will compile and submit to the strategic planning steering committee for its use in the larger institutional document. 

These small groups should be held between December and early March; their results will be added to the final report to be written between March and late April.  This is an excellent opportunity for alumni to have a voice in influencing the future of DMS.  It is also an opportunity to learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing DMS today. 

Sign up now or contact Theresa Bryant or me to volunteer as soon as possible.  Please contact us before December 31 to let us know of your interest in participating or leading a discussion.

Thanks in advance,
Mark Northfield, DMS '91
President, DMS Alumni Council





Regional Discussions

  • San Francisco - February 22
  • Boston - February 25
  • Washington DC - April 17


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