On September 24, more than 250 colleagues, students, and alumni gathered for a symposium celebrating Elmer Pfefferkorn’s many contributions to teaching and medical science over the course of his remarkable career. Students and alumni shared thoughtful, inspiring, and often humorous stories of “Pfeff’s” teaching and his impact on them personally. Colleagues from DMS and across the country, including Nobel Laureate J. Michael Bishop, MD, contributed reflections and tributes to Elmer’s accomplishments in scientific research, as well in his legacy at Dartmouth Medical School.


PRESENTATION:                                         VIDEO:  Watch the Symposium


Professor Bill Green, Dean of DMS

Tales of Elmer's Teaching

Professor Joe O'Donnell

Student Presentation

Current DMS Students

Prime-boost immunization to prevent HIV-
     associated tuberculosis in Tanzania: 
     the DarDar Study

Professor Fordham von Reyn 

Breakthroughs in Toxoplasma Gondii Research     

Professor Joe Schwartzman

Reflections on Elmer's Contributions
to Toxoplasma Gondii Research

Professor John Boothroyd, Stanford Medical School,
   and others (via video link from Brazil Toxoplasma 
   Centennial Congress)

Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Professor Mark Israel, Director, Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Beginning with Elmer

Nobel Laureate J. Michael Bishop


Professor Elmer R. Pfefferkorn

A video message from Alan Sher, Chief of the Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases at the NIH NIAID


Made possible with the support of Dartmouth's Life Sciences Symposium.