In November, 2008, the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees approved the creation of a named professorship at DMS to honor Dr. Elmer Pfefferkorn, professor emeritus of microbiology and immunology. The Elmer R. Pfefferkorn, Ph.D. Professorship in Microbiology and Immunology recognizes Dr. Pfefferkorn's outstanding commitment to Dartmouth Medical School for 41 years.

"Dr. Pfefferkorn is truly a legend at DMS and an icon in the teaching of medical students," said DMS Dean Dr. William R. Green. "Of significant note is the fact that this chair is the direct result of faculty, students, and alumni requesting that this honor be bestowed upon this truly outstanding educator, scientist, and friend of DMS."

The Elmer R. Pfefferkorn, Ph.D. Professorship in Microbiology and Immunology will allow DMS to continue to attract and retain world-class talent in these fields. The Chair honors Elmer not only in name, but also in recognition of his many contributions to Dartmouth behind the lectern, at the lab bench, and within the Dartmouth scientitfic and medical communities. The Chair will be awarded to an outstanding microbiologist or immunologist who exemplifies Elmer's dedication to and excellence in both research and teaching.

For many DMS alumni, Dr. Pfefferkorn (known to many as “Pfeff”) made a significant contribution to our medical education and professional careers at a critical time in our lives. His intellect, amazing teaching abilities, and compassion, as well as his dry, clever humor, (not to mention his punctuality), have made him an unforgettable instructor in the classroom. He is also internationally recognized as a creative, forward-thinking scientist who has made fundamental contributions in the areas of Parasitology and Virology. Moreover, his leadership and foresight were critical to the development of the Immunology and Pathogenesis Program at DMS.

More than 400 donors made gifts to help fund the Pfefferkorn Chair. Additional contributions are welcome at any time. We invite you to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to Pfeff by making a gift in his honor.

  UPDATE: In March, 2009, Dr. William R. Green was named the first holder of the Elmer R. Pfefferkorn Endowed Chair, in recognition of his contributions as former chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and his current service as Dean of Dartmouth Medical School.

Elmer Pfefferkorn Symposium

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September 24, 2008


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