“We stand before you as a diverse group, united by intellectual curiosity and a
desire to improve the world in which we live…”

DMS Class of 2013 adopts its mission statement        

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Seven weeks into their first year at Dartmouth Medical School, the 84 men and women of the Class of 2013 marched into DMS's Kellogg Auditorium and donned the symbol of their new profession at the White Coat Ceremony.                     

The first-years — 47 women and 37 men — range in age from 21 to 45. Broadly educated and bringing a diversity of experience in work and service from around the country and world, they were chosen from among nearly 5,300 applicants. Members of the class—some already with graduate degrees—include published scientific authors; veterans of the military service, Peace Corps, and Americorps; sports team captains, and performers.

Also at the event, the class formally adopted its mission statement (see below), with each student signing the document that had been developed over the preceding weeks by class members.

The new students again found special personal notes of welcome in the pockets of their new coats, written by alumni who participated in this year’s White Coat Notes Project. (To participate in this project as a note writer next year, click here.)

DMS Class of 2013 Mission Statement

We stand before you as a diverse group, united by intellectual curiosity and a desire to improve the world in which we live. We have come to Dartmouth Medical School from all corners of the globe, but as the Class of 2013, we are committed to forming a cohesive unit supportive of the differences that define us. Beginning our careers in a unique climate of social change and healthcare reform, we are presented with the opportunity and the responsibility to shape the future of medicine on a global scale. Throughout this journey, we pledge the following:

  • To honor the traditions and history of Dartmouth Medical School
  • To fearlessly engage in the pursuit of knowledge
  • To maintain an active curiosity in medicine and healthcare while contributing to innovation and improvement
  • To exist in the present moment in order to continually give the best of ourselves
  • To remain sensitive to the unique histories of our patients, colleagues, and communities
  • To seek balance in our own lives as we promote balance in the lives of those in our care
  • To emulate those we respect and set an example for others
  • To use medicine as a means to achieve greater social justice, and
  • To embrace the challenges of medicine with good faith and good humor

Recognizing that what comes easily to some may be challenging for others, our collective success lies in the unwavering support we pledge to one another. Together, with open minds and resilient spirits, we set forth on this adventure.