Aaron Vigdor
Geisel Class of 2016

MATCHING IN Internal Medicine: “I was drawn to the specialty because of the incredible breadth of pathology and the diverse applications of its training. The investigatory pursuit of diagnosis and treatment of disease are immensely satisfying facets of medical practice, and I look forward to helping patients of diverse backgrounds and clinical presentations. I also enjoy the versatility internal medicine requires for effective practice. Internists must often engage with a multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty care team to coordinate effective medical treatment. Like a musician working with band mates to bring aspects of rhythm, harmony and melody to a composition, the internist combines elements of primary and specialty care with a diverse team to create something greater than the sum of their parts. Though I am currently considering careers in pulmonary/critical care, cardiology or hospital medicine, a residency in internal medicine offers immense possibility in future practice and I am excited to see which academic and clinical avenues my training will lead me down.” 

THE GEISEL EXPERIENCE: “The variety of clinical sites has been the best aspect of my Dartmouth experience. Whether completing my pediatrics rotation in Children’s Hospital of Orange County, OB/GYN at Hartford Hospital, internal medicine at California Pacific Medical Center or ambulatory medicine at Mid-State Health Center, I have had the opportunity to learn from an impressive breadth of providers and interact with diverse communities across the country. This experience, which has not always been easy with new hospital layouts and electronic medical record systems, has offered fulfilling insights into how medicine is practiced in different institutions and how care is provided in both urban and rural settings. Rotations in California and Connecticut were particularly fulfilling for me because, as a previous medical interpreter, I was able to continue utilizing my skills in Spanish language to facilitate communication between Spanish speaking patients and the care team. I believe this diversity in training sites allows me to be a more adaptable clinician especially as I prepare to work in an entirely new environment.”

IMPORTANT MENTOR: “It’s impossible to single out one faculty member who has made a positive impact on my Dartmouth experience. I admire Dr. John Dick who has been instrumental in the structuring and support of the 3rd year clinical training curriculum and who also takes time to teach students individually during their medical sub-internship experiences. I have also relied on Dr. Susan Harper’s expertise during the residency application process and I have admired her encouraging support for our entire class through this transitional step in our careers. Most of all, I have been inspired by my fellow classmates who have been collegial, supportive and vibrant during our long and intense transformation as budding clinicians.”

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