Keshia Torres-Shafer
Geisel Class of 2016

MATCHING IN Ob/Gyn: ”Throughout my life experiences I have noticed that women’s health is easily neglected, especially in underserved communities. This field will allow me to advocate for women as well as provide full spectrum care.”

THE GEISEL EXPERIENCE: “The most memorable experience I have had during medical school was being part of the migrant health group. As part of this group, I would go to dairy farms in the Upper Valley along with fellow classmates and Dr. Steve Genereaux, a local family doctor, to provide primary and preventive care to migrant workers. This experience was incredibly humbling and reminded me of why I chose this career in the first place.” 

IMPORTANT MENTOR: “Dr. Nan Cochran has been a wonderful professor and mentor since my first year of medical school.  I was truly lucky to have her as my On Doctoring facilitator; I got to learn physical exam skills from a very gifted clinician. She is an incredible ally who has always provided endless guidance and support academically as well as in personal aspects of my life.” 

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