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Featured News - March 2016

Geisel Students to Lead Regional Latino Medical Student Association
Second-year Geisel students Adrianna Stanley and Freddy Vazquez have been elected co-directors of the Northeast Region of the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA). The Geisel chapter of LMSA, founded by Stanley and Vazquez just last year, recently hosted the organization’s Northeast Regional Conference, which drew nearly 300 people to DHMC. “We look forward to keeping the momentum going and having Dartmouth remain a leading force within the LMSA community,” says Stanley. Read more…

Fourth-Year Students Anticipate Match Day
Friday, March 18 is the day when fourth-year Geisel students will learn where they will begin their careers as doctors. See what seven students say about their medical school experience and aspirations, and learn how you can triple your impact on current students with a gift to the Fund for Geisel Match Day Campaign.

Munck-Pfefferkorn Endowment Funds Innovative Research
“The Munck-Pfefferkorn endowment fund was born in a spirit of supporting investigators to try new and innovative lines of investigation,” says Duane Compton, PhD, Interim Dean of Geisel. Distribution from the Munck-Pfefferkorn endowment allowed Geisel to invest almost $1.2 million into eight different research projects. Read more…

Student Spotlight – Alex Tarabochia: It’s Personal
Given his warm personality, it is easy to imagine Alex Tarabochia ’19 has led a charmed life, but that’s not the case. “As a child, I had a gut feeling there was a lot wrong both in the community and in my family,” he says. “There was, and as I got older, I realized I wanted to soften that for everyone, not only for my own family, but also for the community. I decided medicine was the best way to do that.” Read more...


End-of-Life Care Around the World: U.S. Ranks ‘Surprisingly’ Well in Some Areas
An international research team, which includes Geisel professor Julie Bynum, MD, MPH, compared end-of-life care in the U.S., Canada, and five European countries. “While the study highlights the fact that no country has ideal end-of-life health care practices,” notes Bynum, “there is cause for optimism.” Read more...

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