On Campus - Student Profiles

Fadzai Chinyengetere, PhD’13, ’15 2014-15 Syvertsen Fellow
Fellow Will Combine Research and Clinical Practice to Broaden Impact of Patient Care
Fadzai Chinyengetere grew up in Zimbabwe, a small developing nation in Africa ravaged by HIV/AIDS, where she witnessed the devastation in her community and immediate family.



Karl Dietrich ‘14: 2013-14 Syvertsen Fellow
Life is Complicated
As a first-year student, Karl Dietrich and classmate Holly Schroeder established a migrant workers’ medical program for Mexicans working on dairy farms in the Upper Valley region. Dietrich went on to do clinical rotations with underserved populations in locations as diverse as Tuba City, San Francisco, and southern Maine. These experiences reinforced his interest in family medicine. “A little effort on your part can make a profound difference in someone else’s life,” says Dietrich. “That’s been a driving force behind my interest in primary care.”


Leo Gribelyuk ‘13
Bridging Worlds
Born in Russia and raised in England, Germany, Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, and New York, it’s natural for Leo Gribelyuk to see things from varying perspectives. As a fourth-year student at the Geisel School of Medicine and an MBA candidate at the Tuck School of Business, he bridges the practice of medicine and the business of medicine. And the international experience he’s gained through Dartmouth – in Tanzania and Honduras – has sensitized him to the forces of change reshaping medicine worldwide.


Dyane Tower, TDI ‘13
Sure footed
Dyane Tower, DPM, MS, always knew she wanted a career in medicine. She chose podiatry because she saw it as the most direct route to hands-on patient care. At TDI, she found that by understanding the health care system, she could be a better clinician and leader of positive change wherever she practices. Tower is the first-ever American Podiatric Medical Association Public Health Fellow at TDI.

Meet Leo Liu ’13: 2012-2013 Syvertsen Fellow
A Multiplier in the Making
“Being a doctor is more than just being a clinician,” says Leo Liu, this year’s Syvertsen Fellow. “There is a much bigger role in today’s world that physicians can play.”

Laura Ostapenko ’13
Student Advocate
Even as a first year medical student, Laura Ostapenko became a leading voice for student wellness and educational improvements at the Geisel School of Medicine. In 2012, she was one of two students nationwide chosen to serve on the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) for the coming academic year.

Meet Jonathan Zipursky DMS ’12: 2011-2012 Syvertsen Fellow
Discovering the Heart of Medicine
It was a three-year-old boy in Israel who helped Jon Zipursky understand and feel the gravity of congenital heart diseases in children. Zipursky’s experience in Israel was “formative,” he says, not because he plans to pursue pediatrics--his interests lie in internal medicine, gastroenterology, and oncology--but because it showed him the toll an illness can take on a family. It’s not just the patient that a physician cares for, he learned, “it’s everyone around them, too.”

Meet Samuel Bakhoum, PhD, DMS ’13
Choosing the right question
MD/PhD student Samuel Bakhoum was recently honored by the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) with its 2011 Outstanding Young Investigator Award. “This is an affirmation that a career that combines research and medicine is really what I strive for,” says Bakhoum. “Combining the two degrees is one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Meet Bradley DeMay, PhD Candidate
MCB Student Leads the Way to the PhD/MBA Program
Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate student Bradley DeMay is the first student to be accepted into Dartmouth’s PhD/MBA Program, although the program—which allows graduate students to obtain an MBA from the Tuck School of Business after completion of their PhD—has been open to applicants since August 2009. DeMay was one of the doctoral students who helped initiate the PhD/MBA Program along with faculty and staff from Graduate Studies and the Tuck School of Business. He plans to start his MBA later this year. Read an interview with DeMay here.


Meet Amy Chan, DMS '11:
2010-2011 Syvertsen Fellow Recognizes Dr. Sy’s Enduring Influence
Amy Chan entered DMS with a masters degree in electrical engineering and an interest in geriatrics. In her fourth-year neurology rotation, Chan discovered an exciting intersection between the two. But Chan will take much more from her years at DMS. “Dartmouth made me a better person,” she says. “I didn’t expect that.”

Meet Matt Cheney, PhD, DMS ’10: Syvertsen Fellow
Follow What You Love
Selected as the 2009-2010 Syvertsen Fellow, Matt Cheney is about as green as they come – Dartmouth green that is. Having studied at Dartmouth for almost 12 years now, when he graduates from DMS in June 2010, he will leave Dartmouth with three degrees – an AB, a PhD, and an MD…

Meet Kristen Yurkerwich Telischak, DMS ‘09
Circle of Continuity
With the ink barely dry on their marriage license, Kristen Telischak ’09 and her husband Nick Telischak ’08 are headed for California to begin internship and residency training. But as the newest member of the DMS Alumni Council, representing the Class of 2009, Kristen plans to stay connected to DMS and to her class.

Meet Dan Kaser, DMS '09
Syvertsen Fellow Embraces Exploration and Discovery

Following his first year at DMS, Kaser spent the summer at the DarDar Clinic in Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania. "I went over with a video camera, a microphone and a Swahili dictionary.  The end result was a short documentary about the clinic there, used for fundraising and patient recruitment," he explains. "I had a really fantastic, eye-opening experience in Africa..."

Meet Hanghang Wang, DMS '11
Learning Her Own Way
The story of Hanghang Wang’s journey to DMS begins in the small Chinese city of Yangzhou, where she grew up. “I always wanted to go to different countries and study their languages and culture,” she explains. So at age 11, Hanghang set out to teach herself English.

Meet Duncan Meiklejohn, DMS '10

Finding the Path
"One of the things I’ve been most impressed by here is the job DMS does in building a student body that’s going to support each other, and in all likelihood continue to support each other after graduation,” says Duncan Meiklejohn ’10. “My class is fantastic – far more collegial and collaborative than I ever dared to imagine.”

Meet Andy Saunders, DMS '08
Seeing the Whole Picture

“As overwhelming as residency will be, we need to remember that we’ve won the lottery in life,” says Andy Saunders, DMS’08. “We’re so incredibly privileged to be where we are. I’m really proud of my classmates and the things that they’re headed toward. Dartmouth seems to end up with graduates who really want to help people and make a difference.”

Meet Mara Rendi, DMS '08
Syvertsen Fellow is both Student and Teacher
Mara Rendi is not your typical fourth year medical student, and not because it will have taken her 10 years to complete medical school when she graduates in June. The Denver, Colorado native describes herself as “a teacher, a mountain climber, a triathlete, a wife, and a mother.” Add to that, PhD.


Meet Nick Ellis, DMS '10

Majoring in international development at McGill University, Nick Ellis spent several semesters in Panama and Ecuador. “It was in my fourth year, when I was living in Ecuador, that I decided I wanted to do medicine,” he says.