Alumni Making a Difference

More than 3,000 Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine alumni are active around the world, transforming medicine through careers that embody a spirit of service and excellence. Here are a few examples of alumni making a difference.

Ted Gerstle ’88
Reaching sick kids around the world

Laura Erickson-Schroth ’09
Bridging the transgender gap

Jennifer Brokaw Class of ’93 and
Lael Conway Duncan HS ’91-95
A Remedy for Fragmented Care

Richard Kertzner, DMS ‘79
At the Finish Line with Challenged Athletes

Freddie Fu, DMS '75
Diversity Honors

Alan Brown, DMS '72
Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

Bill Thomas, DMS '59
Making Good on a Second Chance

Taking Care of Kids, Solving Problems:
Five Questions for Scott Krugman, DMS '95

Pearl O’Rourke, DMS '73
Asking Hard Questions

Judith Chamberlain, DMS '77:
Thinking Like a Doctor, Caring
Like a Human Being

Francis Lu, DMS ’74
Bridging East and West

Dan Lucey, DMS '81:
A Doctor Without Borders

Peter Chin, DMS '98:
A Journey of Learning

Kathy Ryman Dubé DMS '80:
A Pulse on Progress

Jonathan Gavrin DMS '78:
A Humanistic Approach

Ronald Dixon DMS '98:
Virtual Possibilities

Bonnie An Henderson DMS '93:
Eye on the Future

David Knopman DMS '73:
Preserving Memories

Elizabeth Bradley, DMS '93:
Two horses and a seven-minute commute

Angela Erdrich, DC '87, DMS '94: 
Every Picture Tells a Story

Captain Jeffrey Georgia, M.D., DMS '81:
"Fly Fishing" to Save Lives

Dartmouth College Honors
Stephen J. Atwood, DC '68, DMS '70

Blair Hammond, DMS '03:
DMS + motherhood =the best possible training

Dr. Mark Northfield DMS '91:
Meet Our Alumni Council Chair

Gilbert ‘Ace’ Mueller DMS ’52:
Honoring Harry Savage